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Invensol is a professional service provider in the area of intelligent office management. We support corporations in improving their office environment, implementing agile work methods and managing their resources more effectively.

Your company is in our focus

Due to our long-term experience in the real estate market, we gained extensive knowledge about the key challenges in the office sector: the office building is not attractive anymore and needs some modernization? Renting costs are too high? Employee fluctuation is growing?

We are able to change perspective and offer a solution not only for the landlord and facility managers but also for the tenants. Our focus is always on the client!

We work with global corporations of all types including energy providers, automotive manufacturer or pharmaceutical corporations. Thanks to our innovative staff, as well as our technical background we are able to offer you uniquely customized service packages according to your needs.

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Our History

Have a small insight into our past, and see what were the most important milestones in Invensol history.

Founding Invensol

Established the company

Invensol has been founded by Peter Homonnay and Laszlo Patyi. They launched our first software product a.k.a "InvenBook" asset manager tool for inventory that eliminates a great amount of stress at our clients.


Introduction of SAM (Space and Asset Manager)

SAM (Space and Asset Manager)

SAM Dashboard module

SAM - MI Dashboard module

We released a new module which displays all the important data coming from SAM users.


New modules

The product package was extended with several great modules such as and Maintenance tickets manager . In addition we released the mobile application of Desk Booking to make the usage more comfortable.

Get in the Ring
2018 December

Get in the ring award

On the Get in the Ring V4 event for Innovation at the SmartCity we earned the 2nd place. It meant a great honor to us as we competed with brilliant startups from the IT sector.

Proptech Solution of the Year 2018

Proptech Solution of the Year 2018 Award winner

It was an exciting year for us. In February we won a prestigious real estate award which brought new business opportunities: Dome Investments Ltd. joined our company as an investor. Then we were invited for the global event of Get in the Ring competition in Berlin, where we took the 3rd place.

Parking Manager module
2019 Q3

New module

We further developed SAM and added new modules: SAM Meeting Room Booking and Parking Space Booking.


Covid features

We have released a special neighbourhood report, the colleague finder and a desk guard feature.

2021 Q1

SAM Maintenance Tickets introduction

2021 February

Launching SAM Forms module

We have released a new module of our office management solution, the SAM Forms that helps businesses design and distribute corporate surveys and forms to their employees.

Our Values

Relevant experience in office environment

We have valuable knowledge of multinational office culture that makes us eligible to offer a professional solution for our clients.

Technological competence and innovation

We are keen to learn new methods and technologies in order to keep our products outstanding.

Constant improvement

Curiosity is our drive to learn more and develop better solutions and therefore increase the user satisfaction

Focus on efficiency

We deliver an optimized tool to our clients that are aligned with their long-term goals.


We are committed to deliver our promises and accomplish the work on time with the highest quality possible.


We provide high-tech products & services that, together, deliver premium value to our clients.

Our Key References

Already proved successfully in many projects

BP office builing

20,000 sqm
Haller Gardens Office Building
since 2014

Diageo office building

14,000 sqm
Diageo SSC Office Building
since 2016

Roche office building

15,000 sqm
Roche SSCs Office Building
since 2018

Intrum office building

5,000 sqm
Intrum Budapest Office
since 2020


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Corporate Headquarters

Hungary 1023 Budapest Lajos st.28-32 1st floor
+36 30 445 0013

Postal address: Hungary 1023 Budapest Lajos st.28-32 1st floor
Trade register number: 01 09 392986

Sales inquiries

László Patyi
+36 30 445 0013

Help & Support

Blog posts and news

Peter Homonnay, co-founder and CEO of Invensol

Invensol offers a solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus

The current pandemic situation has even put companies in a difficult position. Where possible, most employees already work from home, but there are many other workplaces, where personal attendance is essential. To protect the health of those who work here, Invensol has added another feature to its application, which helps detect potential infections within the company.

Preventing of coronavirus
clinical thermometer

Response to COVID-19

How to ensure business continuity in these tough economic times? We can't book our favorite desk in the office and remote work became part of our life. We have listed the most useful features of SAM which help ensure business continuity in these tough economic times and manage your employees once you decide to return to the office.

Back to the office
Women working at home on her laptop

Marad a home office, de elengedhetetlen a vállalatok távmunka stratégiájának kialakítása

Interjú az OFFICE@HOME alapítójával, Kápolnás Verával
A COVID-dal bevezetett home office esetében számos rossz gyakorlat kialakult az otthoni munkavégzés kapcsán, ezért mindenképpen fontos a vállalat home office stratégiájának kialakítása és megfelelő kommunikálása, a munkatársak felkészítése.

Home office
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