Invensol SAM

Simply collecting data is not enough.
You need to monitor, analyze and respond to changes.

SAM is a unique analytical tool, which helps you understand the processes in the organization, and make data-driven decisions.

Once you implement SAM,
you will gain valuable information about ...

employees' behavior, their work preferences

You can track their daily schedule, desk booking preference, how many times they choose home office, remote work, go for a business trip or sick-leave.

Maintenance Tickets app icon

office building and its maintenance

You can collect data about the frequent issues in the building, how many tickets were open on a monthly or yearly bases, how fast it was fixed, filtered by departments or floors.


occupancy of different team areas

You can plan the seating location of departments flexibly, and move the teams within office area. Based on the report, you can expand or narrow the size of the teams.

Asset Manager app icon

occupancy of corporate assets

You can easily review the company's assets including furniture, the car fleet, IT assets and assign them to the employees and followup their maintenance.

Meeting Room Booking

occupancy of meeting rooms

You can review which meeting room is more popular, usually how many people book them, what are those equipment that they use regularly during a meeting.

occupancy of parking space

occupancy of parking space

From this report, you will see the real demand for your current parking spaces.You can optimize the usage, if possible, offer the extra spaces for rent for external usage.

Optimize your office space with SAM

Expanding your office space is expensive and time consuming

According to our experience, office space utilization in traditional "fixed" workstations (1 table / 1 worker) is 60%, or 40% of the office space in normal working hours almost always free. The utilization also shows varied results at different times of day.

In today's dynamically developing companies, the number of office staff increases. Instead of building or renting additional office space, a new trend is becoming a common practice, called the Agile Working or Desk Sharing.

Using SAM for agile working is about how to increase the number of employees without office expansion or even reducing office space.



Average Occupancy

SAM Booking for mobile Dashboard
Occupancy heatmap Visualizing data

Visualize your office occupancy

The occupancy heatmap feature was developed to help the users find the most suitable place to work and show them how the office space is used.

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