Coworking prezetation

6 questions about coworking

Coworking is an activity that supports the creation and maintenance of a diverse community where a bunch of supportive and like-minded people come together to be part of an experience where they feel confident and comfortable to work, create, connect, share, and learn.

Invensol won the Real Estate Award 2018

Guess who won the Real Estate Award 2018 ?

Real Estate Awards is one of the top real estate events in Hungary. The awards are granted for outstanding achievements in the real estate industry, with the winners selected by a renowned panel of experts, representing the peers of the real estate industry.

cars parking lot

Book your parking spaces whith this new feature of SAM

You don’t have to search parking space each morning anymore! With this new feature of Invensol SAM it is easy to manage your limited parking resources, by reserving the time and space you need.

Invensol at Get in the Ring

Great results on a fantastic event!

Great results, 2nd place for Invensol, at the Hiventures - Get in the Ring event for Innovation at the SmartCity Group last week. Thank you all for the support, generated great feedback and new business opportunities.


Peter Homonnay, co-founder and CEO of Invensol

Invensol offers a solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus

The current pandemic situation has even put companies in a difficult position. Where possible, most employees already work from home, but there are many other workplaces, where personal attendance is essential. To protect the health of those who work here, Invensol has added another feature to its application, which helps detect potential infections within the company.

Peter Homonnay

Where shall I work today? - The future of office management

According to Peter Homonnay, managing director of Invensol Hungary Ltd., those who have ever used a mobile phone don’t need to be taught how to use the SAM application, which was developed by the company.

Invensol at Get in ring

The future of organizations and the developments in enterprise software

At first glance, enterprise software may seem like a complicated term. What is it and is it even important?

Invensol at Get in ring

Startups from the V4 region fought in a boxing ring!

Within the framework of the Regional Startup and Innovation Day, on the 29th of November the hottest startup pitching competition Get in the Ring was organized in Hungary for the fifth time.

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