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Workspace booking

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Desk booking

Find your favourite workstation in your office, whether it is a silent corner or the vibrant center of the office area.

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Meeting room booking

Scheduling your meetings has never been so easy! Just look around in the rooms virtually and pick the one which fits your meeting purpose.

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Parking space booking

It's time to unlock the value of your parking spaces and fill the empty places. Make sure you maximize the occupancy of your spaces.

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Remote work management

As part of the agile work environment let your employees decide where they want to do their daily activity.

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Desk booking

Take your first step to create a flexible working environment and let the employees choose the best workstation which fits their need.

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The number of professionals who work remotely has grown substantially in the past several years which has led to employees performing their job functions outside of a traditional office setting. There is now a growing need for flexible office solutions, which allows employees to reserve workspace on an as-needed rather than a traditional constantly reserved basis.

The flexible office helps to reduce the amount of physical space that an enterprise requires, immediately lowering overhead costs while ensuring access to necessary office space to the employees.

"And what if someone cannot sit down in the office, because there are not enough desks?"

Similar questions arise first on the introduction of Agile or Smart Working. In order to avoid the situation described in this issue, Invensol has developed SAM (Space & Asset Management System) to support implementing the agile working methods.

Screenshot of SAM Desk and Parking Space Booking Floorplan and Calendar viwe on laptop

Some features of desk booking module

  • Indicating home office days and holidays
  • The office and the desks can be viewed on the timetable and on the floorplan.
  • The Agile Working staff are able to book weeks or even months ahead of time (depending on the setup).
  • Users can find information about the absence of their team members in the 'My team overview'
Happy coworkers in the office

Colleague finder

In an office building, it might be difficult to find each other especially in case of flexible seating. Employees spend a lot of time during the day looking for their colleagues.

SAM helps you to find your co-workers by sharing the contact information, position title, and seating location visually on the floorplan.

You can mark favourite colleagues and check their location or create a team.

Discover SAM Booking
on your mobile!

Our Desk Booking app is available on many mobile devices! Download now to get started!
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Office view

Let's look around in the office area!

Due to 360° panorama technology you can discover the entire space online: check the location of a work station, the design, the capacity or the facilities of a meeting room easily!

SAM Office View is much more than a 3D model. It's all-in-one property visualization, right in your web browser. With our embedded WebGL player, including engaging 3D content in your website or apps is easy. We add our print-ready 4K photography and 3D Showcase feels as real as being there.

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Working anywhere

Enjoy flexible working conditions and work from anywhere you want.

Home office

With agile working, employees spend part of their working time (a couple of days per week) away from the office and working remotely. Your workspace can be anywhere, at the office, at a bar, on the beach or at home.

The office can accommodate more employees than the actual number of desks.

With Remote Work Manager, you have a full overview of your and your colleagues' monthly location schedule. From home office to holidays, from Tuesday morning at the office desk to Wednesday afternoon at a local park working on your projects. If you are a Line Manager, here you can follow your Team member's location timeline, helping your interactions.

Meeting room booking

A transparent and effective assistance in organizing meetings

SAM Meeting room booking screenshot on iPad

Whether it's for a quick discussion with colleagues or a weekly team meeting, let employees book rooms from the convenience of an application.

SAM Meeting Room Booking is an efficient tool for booking meeting rooms, conference rooms and presentation areas.
  • Choose Floor Plan or Calendar view for bookings
  • Check availability and book meeting rooms
  • View and edit their current bookings
  • Select the right size, seating capacity and equipment based on their meeting requirements (projector, catering, etc)
  • Save the favourite meeting room typ

Meeting room display

Have a better overview of your conference rooms, room status, and daily meeting activities.
SAM displays relevant information right next to the meeting room door.

With SAM you can make a reservation spontaneously from the display, check if the room is free or occupied, confirm your reservation, improve meeting room utilization. You can prevent scheduling issues like no-shows: if nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself and will be automatically updated.

conference room and meeting booking

Parking space booking

Our data-driven parking management software allows property managers to optimize existing parking spaces and make maximum use of them.

The lack of parking spaces and finding alternative mobility solutions is a real issue in parking management.

The SAM app will allow you to track entries and exits, view the current occupation and forecasted usage. Real-time reports and analyses will help you to have an overview of what works in the building in order to reach maximum occupancy rates.

What's more! Make the parking spaces accessible to external users to generate additional revenues. The service is tailored to your needs, the decision is yours!

Download SAM Desk Booking on the Google Play
Download SAM Desk Booking on the App Store
Parking garage
Car parking

Reserve your space in advance from anywhere, through the mobile app or desktop

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