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Workspace management

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Workspace Manager

With this simple tool you will understand the operation of your company and manage the organizational units accordingly.

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Conduct corporate researches easily by assigning different forms & surveys to employees.

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Asset Manager

By optimizing space & asset usage you will reduce utility and maintenance costs at once. Track the corporate assets easily!

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Fleet Manager

This tool enables you to organize and coordinate the company vehicles therefore improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

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Locker Manager

Easy-to-use admin platform where you can track the owner and the location of the lockers in the building.

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Maintenance Tickets

This tool helps you deal with all of the service requests and manage facility maintenance tasks.

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Workspace Manager

This tool can help you manage all the users accessing the required applications with various security levels.

With the wide variety of user information, this application can be used by Human Resources, IT and FM professionals to have up-to-date information about each employee.

Integrated features:

  • Desk Manager,
  • Room Manager,
  • Team Area Manager,
  • Organization Units Manager,
  • Employee Manager,
  • Parking Area Manager,
  • Parking Space Manager,
  • Layout Arrangement.
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Lots of folders with Forms title
Great option for designing and distributing corporate forms and questionnaires.

This user-friendly tool helps businesses conduct their corporate research, learn more about the employees’ experience or collect their feedback.

SAM Forms can be downloaded for free, but the usage will require an active SAM profile.

Download SAM Desk Booking on the Google Play
Download SAM Desk Booking on the App Store
  • Manage corporate forms easily
    SAM Forms helps you distribute online documents quickly within the organization.
  • Measure employee experience
    Collect insights on what your employees think of certain topics like a new home office policy or how do they like the new office equipments.
  • Get real-time results for quick and easy analysis
    Export data from the system and use the gathered information for further analysis.
  • Easy-to-use platform
    This user-friendly application is ideal both for participants and for researchers.
SAM Forms application on mobile device

Key features of SAM Forms

various types icon

20+ types

Design your survey as you want! The app can handle various types of questions!

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Fully customized

There are no obstacles. Any types of forms you want to create, share it with us and we will do it for you!

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No limit

You can list unlimited number of forms or surveys and distrnewibute them to your audience.

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The system sends automatic notification for users if a new form was assigned to them.

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Setup different user rights and decide who will be entitled to access each form and its results.

approval checkbox icon


Review the responses of your employees and mark its status as approved or rejected.

Asset Manager

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment.
Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

The Asset Management Module enables you to track multiple classes of assets: office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artworks. You can link assets to CAD symbols on floor plans for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes. Graphical queries let you search for and visually display your assets on floor plans.

Inventory services and reporting assure you to have a complete lifespan control over your fixed assets from the day of the purchase to the final withdrawal.

assure you to have a complete lifespan control over your fixed assets from the day of the purchase to the final withdrawal.

Someone working on a laptop and a barcode scanner

Types of Assets

Management & workplace consultant
Fixed assets

Probably this is the biggest group of company assets: furnitures (desks, chairs, tables, couches, filing cabinets and movable partitions) and fixtures (anything attached to your building or structure that, if removed, would cause damage.)

IT assets
IT assets

This category may include any assets assigned to workstations or employees: computers, laptops, screens, mobile phones.

Work environment consultant
SIM cards

Not only the corporate mobile phones but the including SIM cards need to be tracked as well.

Fleet Manager

Car fleet
Fleet Manager

The module gives all the valuable information on your fleet's running operation, lease data, servicing, insurance details and the related costs. Manage the data through the cloud-based, user-friendly platform, from anywhere!

  • Register Information
    Add detailed information about the company vehicles and authorized drivers
  • Add new events
    Date of servicing, accidents, tyre change or important actions can be registered.
  • Monitor expenses
    Track the cost of the company vehicles and use the information during the planning.
  • Schedule the servicing
    Create a preventive maintenance schedule in order to minimize the chance of a sudden breakdown.
  • Visual reports
    Get to know more about fleet usage, lifetime mileage, and drivers' behavior.
SAM Fleet manager screenshot

Locker Manager

Once you implement flexible seating in your organization you need to make sure that each employee has a safe locker available to store the daily stuff.

With SAM you can easily track who received an access, to which locker. You can review the list of lockers easily and locate them on the floorplan.

Lockers at the office

Maintenance Tickets

Enhance transparency then employee satisfaction will rise.
Maintenance man
This revolutionary tool gives you and your assigned users the complete control of the maintenance and office supply at your facility.

Creating, assigning and following facility service request tickets is a simple and easy task to anyone using this module. You can also measure the response times, supplier quality and user satisfaction.

  • Optimized facility management flow
    Our tool helps simplify the communication between users and the maintenance team, therefore, improve efficiency and the delivered service.
  • Exceed customer expectations
    By quick response time user satisfaction can be increased significantly
  • Prioritization and automation
    this tool helps track the progress of all ongoing works in the maintenance cycle. Property managers can effortlessly review urgent issues, overdue tasks and track the maintenance team's performance
  • Seamless software integration
    SAM Tickets can be integrated into any facility management software
  • Reporting
    Property managers will get insights into the real estate's operation, maintenance tasks and review the frequent issues
SAM Maintenance Tickets screenshot on an IpadAir

Key features of Maintenance Tickets

Maintenance tickets icon
Easy issue reporting

Report the issue immediately and assign tickets to the responsible team/person.

Maintenance tickets filter icon
Ticket filters

Looking for tickets has never been so easy! You can filter information based on location, or type of issue.

Reports icon
Dashboard reports

On the Ticket dashboard, you can review & follow up on the status of the tickets.

Camera icon
Adding photo

Add photo and a description to help the maintenance team identifying the problem.

Location icon
Specifying the location

Create a new ticket by clicking on the location on the floorplan.

Notification icon
Automatic push notifications

Even if you do not open the app, you won’t miss any information on ticket updates.

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