Space and Asset Management
solution for intelligent offices

Invensol SAM Desk Booking and Parking Space Booking screenshot on laptop

The absolute essential tool for your smart working environment.

Providing the most accurate yet simple solution to your working environment. Controlling the size and variety of Team Areas, design the most efficient format based on the floorplan layout.

Change management platform

for the flexible need of the Facility Management, HR, or any department with direct relations of the office space.

Why you should implement into your organization?

User-friendly and intuitive

Invensol SAM provide the most efficient method of accessing the information by a simplified platform in order to remain quick and easy during the entire process.


Getting the value out of your data is something you cannot risk not having. With our customizable data reporting platform, you can download occupancy data or a complete facility management analysis from our Dashboard module.

Working on many devices

The multiplatform environment is capable to provide the ideal condition on any office format, PC, Mac and any touch-optimized applications, including iOS and Android.


Safety is a No.1 priority when handling any types of data. Our state of the art technology background meets the highest IT security requirements of the industry.


The software can be easily implemented in any organization and doesn't require constant maintenance on board.

Modular structure

SAM includes different - individually available - modules that can be customized based on the company's requirements. In addition, it is also possible to integrate external solutions into the system.

Benefits that SAM provides your company

Asset Manager module of Invensol SAM software sceenshot on screen
  • You will manage to create your own agile working space.
  • Due to flexible working methods, you can improve the employees' satisfaction and well-being
  • Different SAM modules will help you simplifying office management tasks such as meeting room booking, maintenance tickets, inventory etc.
  • You will save time and money by using office space efficiently.
  • The company's carbon footprint will be lower as fewer buildings need to be maintained, less commuting will be required from employees, fewer office supplies will be in use.
  • You will learn more about the employees' behavior, their connections at work and how to improve their performance.

See our software in action?

Request the Invensol SAM demonstration and discover how you can take your business to the next level.

Modules of SAM

Office space booking

Desk Booking

Desk and Workstation Booking

It is easy to manage flexible working hours.

Parking Space Booking

Parking Space Booking

You don’t have to search parking space each morning anymore!

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Booking

Booking meeting or conference rooms shouldn't be difficult – it is just supposed to work!

Office space management

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Have a complete control of your assigned assets.

Workspace manager

Workspace Manager

Plan and move the team areas in the office space.

Remote Work

Remote Work Manager

Complete overview of your monthly schedule, where you are, at what time.

Maintenance tickets

Maintenance tickets

Create, assign and follow facility service request tickets and control all your maintenance tasks.

Fleet Manager

Fleet Manager

Follow the lifecycle of your car fleet's operations, whether if it's assigned company cars, or a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Reporting and Analytics


Reports Module

Asset list or Occupancy results? Any data can be reported in our customizable platform.

MI Dashboard

MI Dashboard Module

Property Management analytical tool with customizable features and monitoring.

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