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Invensol SAM is an intelligent space and asset manager system for managing people, devices and spaces effectively. It helps you create an agile workspace that continuously adapts to changes.

Features of SAM

Our truly hybrid solution supports the new way of working concepts to meet the demands of the office of the new generation.

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Office space bookings

Book your workstation , a meeting room or parking space easily for any date.

Our cloud-based software service is easily accessible by any web-browser, making the booking process easy and transparent for staff members.

Simplify the administration tasks and provide a better experience!

Workspace management

Take control of the entire property and manage your facilities through an interactive user-friendly platform.

Don't waste more time to review information coming from different company channels. Invensol created an integrated platform where you can access all the information in one you might need for managing the entire properties.

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Detailed reports will provide you guidance on how to optimize the space, workflows & business processes in the organization.

Gathering data to analyze performance & occupancy is essential nowadays to drive further improvements within the company. SAM provides you detailed information about your space, your teams, and assets.

What's new

Back to the office

Half of your team is already in home office, but the rest of them is still commuting every day to work. They are under a high risk even if they keep a social distance.

With a possible infection, it's crucial to list the affected people in the organization as soon as possible and check their seating location to find out who else might be infected.

We released a special report in SAM which allows you to filter by name and time period and it shows the employee's neighborhood in the office area.

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How do you benefit from SAM?

Space optimization

Let the employee enjoy flexible working hours or remote work and the office occupancy will significantly rise.

Cut the costs

SAM helps you reduce utility and maintenance costs by optimizing space&asset usage.

Build a better community

SAM enables you to create an activity-based workspace and support the cooperation between different team areas.

Increase the well-being

Improvement of the office, providing better user experience will positively affect employee satisfaction and engagement.

Collect data and analyze

With SAM you will understand your building, the cooperation between org units and manage your assets more effectively.

Increase competitiveness

SAM helps you retain your employees in long-term and motivate the new generation to apply for a position at your organization.

Blog posts and news

Peter Homonnay, co-founder and CEO of Invensol

Invensol offers a solution to prevent the spread of coronavirus

officerentinfo.hu irodakereso.info

The current pandemic situation has even put companies in a difficult position. Where possible, most employees already work from home, but there are many other workplaces, where personal attendance is essential. To protect the health of those who work here, Invensol has added another feature to its application, which helps detect potential infections within the company.

Preventing of coronavirus
clinical thermometer

Response to COVID-19

How to ensure business continuity in these tough economic times? We can't book our favorite desk in the office and remote work became part of our life. We have listed the most useful features of SAM which help ensure business continuity in these tough economic times and manage your employees once you decide to return to the office.

Back to the office
Women working at home on her laptop

Marad a home office, de elengedhetetlen a vállalatok távmunka stratégiájának kialakítása

Interjú az OFFICE@HOME alapítójával, Kápolnás Verával
A COVID-dal bevezetett home office esetében számos rossz gyakorlat kialakult az otthoni munkavégzés kapcsán, ezért mindenképpen fontos a vállalat home office stratégiájának kialakítása és megfelelő kommunikálása, a munkatársak felkészítése.

Home office
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