Sustainable Workspace

Reducing the impact on the environment, while creating a great workplace experience for its employees is the long-term goal of all socially responsible organizations.

Besides reducing the organization’s carbon footprint, waste, energy, and water consumption, the challenge is how to retain engaged employees.

By offering flexible working conditions – including the environment itself – employees will gain autonomy to schedule their own time, resources, and space in the office.

But how to stay compliant with sustainable business standards?

Our Concept

A modern, sustainable workspace shall …

… provide a hybrid, but mostly flexible environment that adapts to changes.

… promote coworking and mixed-use environments.

… integrate versatile digital solutions to make the workplace truly intelligent.

… focus on employee well-being, and boost their engagement & performance.

… intend to be maintained cost- and energy-efficiently.

… meet the latest health & safety requirements.

… offer a space for building community and supporting team cooperation.

How WE Support our Clients

Different types of analytical methods are available in SAM to have full insight into the usage of the office space, company assets, and collaborations between departments.

Once we understand the operation of the workplace, we will be able to make data-driven decisions and set a strategy for how to optimize processes and decrease expenses.

The system is able to adapt to change whether it is in connection with the employees’ preferences, working conditions, or workplace layout.

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Smart technology supports efficient space management: the SAM users have a clear overview of the occupancy of the desks, meeting rooms, and parking lots therefore they could easily find where is the best spot and time to work within the office. Extended with smart sensors you could monitor the workspace and improve health & safety accordingly.

Why choose Us?

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Award-winning SAAS solution

Innovative software & hardware products are delivered that proved at several industry-leader global companies.

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Offering customized service package

Create a modern work environment by applying our tailor-made solutions fitting the company culture, physical space, and working methods.

Workspace management consulting

Offering the best solution for your organization including smart building infrastructure, move management, and budget planning.

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Premium technical support

Providing continuous assistance including setup & maintenance. Special attention to our clients to ensure a seamless product experience.

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AV system installation available

Make the most out of your office and request professional conference room AV technology.

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High level security provided

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to log in to SAM using their company credentials and login information.

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