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SAM is a unique analytical tool, which helps you understand the processes in the organization, and make data-driven decisions. Detailed reports will provide you guidance on how to optimize the space, workflows & business processes.


This tool is used to display up-todate information and help the users to plan their weekly schedule.
Just a quick look at this site and you will get a full summary of your office bookings.


Collecting data is essential to guide strategic business decisions that align with corporate goals and initiatives. The SAM system, supplemented with smart sensors, provides valuable information about the use of office space, working conditions, and employees’ preferences. Thanks to detailed reports, the management gets a comprehensive picture of the operation of the organization, and the data can be used to base long-term decisions.

Let’s see why is it important:

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Increase workplace efficiency

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Improve profitability and Reduce expenses

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Determine the key challenges and respond to them on time

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Improve employee productivity & well-being

Once you implement SAM, you will gain valuable information about ...

Employees' performance, their work preferences

You can track their daily schedule, desk booking preference, how many times they choose home office, remote work, go for a business trip or sick-leave.

Office building and its maintenance

You can collect data about the frequent issues in the building, how many tickets were open on a monthly or yearly bases, how fast it was fixed, filtered by departments or floors.

Occupancy of different team areas

You can plan the seating location of departments flexibly, and move the teams within office area. Based on the report, you can expand or narrow the size of the teams.

Occupancy of corporate assets

You can easily review the company’s assets including furniture, the car fleet, IT assets and assign them to the employees and followup their maintenance.

Occupancy of meeting rooms

You can review which meeting room is more popular, usually how many people book them, what are those equipment that they use regularly during a meeting.

Occupancy of parking space

From this report, you will see the real demand for your current parking spaces.You can optimize the usage, if possible, offer the extra spaces for rent for external usage.

Display of sensor data

Occupancy sensors and analytics enable corporations to save operational costs, optimize workspace usage, and improve the employee experience.


These tools help analyze how building and office spaces are utilized. The sensors could monitor different areas within the office.

How it works

How it captures data

The sensors detect parking vehicles, then set the status to occupied or unoccupied. The status information is communicated through a radio connection to the hub. The hub collects this information from multiple sensors and transmits it to the cloud through the Ethernet network.


The sensors are so small, that could be discretely placed on the floor of the parking lot and not disruptive to employees. In addition, they are resistant to mechanical impact.


As the sensors are wireless, the installation and maintenance costs are minimal. The client can decide whether they want to apply the sensors temporarily or permanently.


During the parking booking no personal information is captured, simply illustrate the utilization, while GDPR requirements are guaranteed.


They are optimized for low power consumption, each sensor has a built-in battery (battery life up to 10 years).

Cloud-based reporting dashboard

SAM gets the data through an API and visualizes them on the floor plan. Parking information is stored in the cloud (Amazon Web Services), therefore always up-to-date. Occupancy data can be tracked in real-time or can be downloaded from the past.

Why choose occupancy sensors

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Understand how the workspace is utilized across locations and teams

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Data-driven recommendations on how to optimize workspaces

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Support activity-based and agile working practices

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Manage the available spaces effectively and cut the operational costs

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Reduce manual survey and human errors

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Monthly report from the parking data


This tool is used to display up-todate information and help the users to plan their weekly schedule. Just a quick look at this site and you will get a full summary of your office bookings.

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Review the summary of your current bookings

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Review occupancy information

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Use the quick functions to automate the booking process

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Reach the newsfeed of the organisation

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