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Desk Booking

Find your favorite workstation in your office whether it is a silent corner or the vibrant center of the office space.

Meeting Room Booking

Scheduling your meetings has never been so easy! Just browse by facilities and pick the one that fits your meeting purpose.

Parking Booking

It’s time to unlock the value of your parking lot and fill the empty places. Make sure you maximize the occupancy of your spaces!

Smart Locker Booking

Optimize storage facilities by using a self-service, keyless locker system with maximum security.

Desk Booking

Take your first step to create a flexible working environment and let the employees choose the best workstation fitting their needs.

Seamless & transparent booking process

Choose a workstation on the floorpan, book in the timetable more weeks ahead, or last minute on the go to the office with the mobile app! It’s up to you!

Remote work management

As part of hybrid work let your employees decide where they want to do their daily job. You have a full overview of your colleagues monthly location schedule helping your interactions.

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Quick booking

No preference for any workstation or parking place? Enable this function and the system will automatically book one for you.

Activity-based booking

Support collaborations by indicating different departments or project teams with little flags on the floor plan. Inform your teammates where they will take place on the chosen day.

QR code or NFC desk verification available

Improve space occupancy by confirming your arrival at the office. Read the QR code or use the NFC tag in order to check in to your meetings or workstation.

Pets in the office

More and more companies allow their employees to bring their pets to the office. To manage the process easily and track how many animals are in the building, register and book a spot for them.


Colleague finder

In an office building, it might be difficult to find each other, especially in the case of flexible seating. SAM helps you to find your co-workers by sharing the contact information, position title, and seating location visually on the floorplan. Mark your favorite colleagues, check their location, or create a team!

Meeting Room Booking

User-friendly and effective assistance in organizing meetings

SAM Meeting Room Booking is an efficient tool for booking meeting rooms, conference rooms and presentation areas. Whether it’s for a quick discussion with colleagues or a weekly team meeting, let employees choose rooms from the convenience of an application.

Check availability and book meeting rooms accordingly

View and edit your current bookings

Save your favorite meeting room type

Choose Floor Plan or Calendar view

Advanced filtering option (size, seating capacity, facilities etc.)

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Meeting room display

Gain real-time insights and data about meeting room usage at your office building!

With the application, you can make a reservation spontaneously from the panel, check if the room is free or occupied, confirm your reservation, and improve meeting room utilization. 

You can prevent scheduling issues like no-shows: if nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself and will be automatically updated.

– Relevant information is displayed right next to the door
– Integration with any existing calendar system (Office365, Google Calendar, etc.)

Parking Booking

The lack of parking spaces and finding alternative mobility solutions is a real issue in parking management.

Our data-driven parking management software allows property managers to optimize existing parking spaces and make maximum use of them.

The available parking space can be viewed on the timetable and on the interactive floorplan.

Unused parking spaces can be shared and accessed by other users to maximize occupancy.

Easy API integration with any sensor-based data source (actual status, vehicle recognition, etc.).

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The SAM app supports you to track entries and exits, view the current occupation and forecasted usage. Real-time reports and analyses will help you to have an overview of what works in the building in order to reach maximum occupancy rates.

The service is tailored to your needs, the decision is yours!

Reserve your space in advance from anywhere, through the mobile app or desktop!

Smart locker system for the hybrid workplace

A self-service smart locker system enables organizations to manage and optimize their locker facilities with the goal to improve the workplace experience.

As the number of fixed seats is decreasing in the offices, employees can feel comfortable working anywhere in the building if they have private storage. 

Due to third-party hardware integration, you can easily assign to users and control lockers with the SAM application.

smart locker by bluetooth

Facilitates implementing and adapting to Activity Based Working

Fast and easy locker redistribution

Saves up to 30 to 50% in storage space with dynamic usage

Easy integration with back-office systems & IT solutions

Much lower costs on facility management

GDPR compliant

A key element of a modern dynamic office that proved in over 1500 projects and implementations

Save up to 90% of facilities time Thanks to remote and centralized locker management assigning, releasing, or opening lockers can be done easily.

Simple configuration for any situation Customize and configure locker usage to fit the employees’ needs: set up push notifications to be informed about changes.

A more sustainable approach to workplace storage By applying our smart system, locker usage will be optimized quickly while less space and energy required.

Adapt quickly to changes User data and insights support real-time business decision-making which you can adapt to instantly.

Security as a priority Our smart locker system is secure by design and ISO27001 certified, which means your data is in safe hands.

Attract employees & visitors This transparent & user-friendly platform empowers collaboration, improves internal logistics, and makes visitors feel welcome.

Discover SAM on your mobile! Download now to get started!

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