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Asset Management

By optimizing space & asset usage you could reduce utility and maintenance costs at once. Track the corporate assets easily!

Workplace Management

With this simple tool, you will understand the operation of your company and manage the organizational units accordingly.

Fleet Management

This tool enables you to organize and coordinate the company vehicles, therefore, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Maintenance Tickets

This tool helps you deal with all of the service requests and manage facility management tasks.

Asset Management

Your organization’s assets make up a large and costly financial investment.
Do you have the tools to track them effectively?

The Asset Management Module enables you to track multiple classes of assets: office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork. You can link assets to CAD symbols on floor plans for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes. Graphical queries let you search for and visually display your assets on floor plans.

Inventory mode (editable asset information)

Asset handover registration (Digital signage support, etc)

Assign assets to locations, rooms, areas, or to users (like laptops, cell phones or lockers)

Graphical queries let you search for any listed items and visually display your assets on the floor plans for easy access.

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Logitech MX Mouse


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Magic Keyboard


iPhone 14

iPhone 14

In Service

Workplace Management

Simple-to-use admin platform helps you customize your SAM modules according to the organization’s requirements.

There are endless variations of how to set up the office layout, org units, and manage different user permission levels.

Create a truly flexible workspace with SAM and provide up-to-date information for Human Resources, IT, and FM professionals.

Integrated features:

Fleet Management

The module gives all the valuable information on your fleet’s running operation. Manage the data through the cloud-based, user-friendly platform, from anywhere!

User can choose from all available mobility and micro-mobility options (Cars, PHEV cars, Electric bikes, Scooters, etc)

Integratable with any Shared Mobility platforms (API Connection)

User can choose from all available mobility and micro-mobility options (Cars, PHEV cars, Electric bikes, Scooters, etc)

Have an overview of lease data, servicing, insurance details, and all other related costs.

Registering the pickup and delivery point is also possible to help with the handover between colleagues

Schedule the servicing in order to minimize the chance of a sudden breakdown.

Maintenance Tickets

This revolutionary tool helps businesses make their facility management smooth.

Creating, assigning, and following facility service request tickets is a simple and easy task for anyone using this module.

Optimized facility management flow

Our tool helps simplify the communication between users and the maintenance team, therefore, improving efficiency and the delivered service.

Prioritization and automation

SAM helps track the progress of all ongoing works in the maintenance cycle. Property managers can effortlessly review urgent issues, and overdue tasks and track the maintenance team’s performance

Exceed customer expectations

By measuring response time, and supplier quality, user satisfaction can be improved significantly.


Property managers will get insights into the real estate’s operation, and maintenance tasks and review the frequent issues.

InvensolSAM management - iPad Mini

Advanced filtering option helps find and follow up on the open tickets

Seamless integration with any facility management software

Easy to use, simple „drag and drop” features help to identify the issues.

Automatic push notifications inform users about ticket updates.

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