Invensol is a professional service provider in the area of intelligent office management.

We support corporations in improving their office environment, implementing flexible work methods and managing their resources more effectively. Your company is in our focus. Due to our long-term experience in the real estate market, we gained extensive knowledge about the key challenges in the office sector: the office building is not attractive anymore and needs some modernization? Renting costs are too high? Employee fluctuation is growing?

We are able to change perspective and offer a solution not only for the landlord and facility managers but also for the tenants. Our focus is always on the client!

We work with global corporations of all types including energy providers, automotive manufacturer or pharmaceutical corporations. Thanks to our innovative staff, as well as our technical background we are able to offer you uniquely customized service packages according to your needs.


Established the company
Launched our first software product "InvenBook" asset manager tool for inventory that eliminated a great amount of administrative related stress for our clients.
Introduction of SAM (Space and Asset Manager)
The Desk Booking module was presented as the first pillar of SAM. In companies with agile work environment it quickly became an essential tool.
SAM Dashboard Module
Released a new module which displays all the essential data coming from SAM users to help business operations to create a cost effective & sustainable office footprint based on metrics.
SAM Car Fleet Manager Module
The product package was extended with a new great module to organize and coordinate the company vehicles while improving efficiency and reducing downtime.
SAM Maintenance Tickets Module introduction
This revolutionary tool gives the control and the maintenance of the office supplies at the facility to the assigned users.
SAM Parking Space Manager module
Consultancy service, occupancy and environment sensors introduction and integration.
COVID Features

Introducing Covid Feature which allowed controlled, safer distribution of employees to ensure the least amount of physical contact , detect and prevent the spread of the virus and inform employees on time.

We won a prestigious real estate award which brought new business opportunities: Dome Investments Plc.. joined our company as an investor.

Launching SAM Forms Module
Released Form module to gather insight on employee engagement, productivity, work-life balance.
Launching SAM 2.0
The platform got a completely new design, upgraded with several extra features supporting the clients in any office management challenges.
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