Response to COVID-19

We know that this period is difficult for each company and you are working hard to transform the usual workflow and try to keep up the employees’ motivation & focus on work. There are several companies that can’t stop the operation and the employees need to visit their office daily. We collected some information on how to ensure business continuity in these tough economic times as well!

Use the desk booking feature

In order to provide accurate data quickly, it’s important to ask the employees to book the workstations online, even if there are several seats available in the office area. By applying this rule in your team, you will easily follow up on who sat where on which date.We also added an algorithm to the system which automatically books every second seat (or more based on the user’s preferences) in order to ensure social distance and minimize the physical contact between colleagues

SAM Desk Booking App - Social distance keeping

Show transparency

It’s a big challenge to having control over the teams online and keep the communication flow between the co-workers. If the employees update their work status in SAM, each team member will see who is available, who’s working from the corporate office, from home office or went to sick-leave. With the colleague finder feature, they can easily get the necessary information.

SAM Desk Booking App - Remote work tracker screenshot

Prevent the spread of virus

We released a special report in SAM which allows you to filter by name and time period and it shows the employee’s neighborhood in the office area.With the Neighborhood report, you can identify the affected people in the organization as soon as possible and check their seating location to find out who else might be infected. The system generates a list weighted by the distance between the employees indicating how frequently the employees booked a desk in the infected person’s neighborhood.

SAM Desk Booking App Neighborhood report screenshot

As remote work is part of our company culture, we are prepared for providing services without interruption for our clients.

As Invensol SAM is a cloud-based SAAS product, we ensure continuous availability!Last but not least, you can contact us with your questions anytime via email or social media channels!
All the best,
Invensol Team

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